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By applying the right amount of pressure to the sole of the foot, our sole design allows you to step with your entire sole.

Great body posture

Our soft gel sole cocoons the foot and makes your feet's pressure feel balanced all day long. Because you step with your entire foot as opposed to parts of it, you'll notice your improved posture immediately. And from this new posture you'll notice that you're utilizing the correct muscles in your legs, enabling you to walk comfortably for prolonged periods of time.

Shift your weight the right way with the "rolling" walk.

A better, ideal way of walking

Because of the round shape of the outer sole, the foot will land with the heel first, allowing for more weight to be distributed throughout the body - implementing the "rolling walk". The unique canoe shape will change your crumbling posture into a more ideal one in the blink of an eye.

Our Sole Comfort - Foot Care
Our Sole Comfort - Foot Care
Our Sole Comfort - Foot Care

Less irritation of the cuticles

Cuticles, when rubbed, can become hard and can lead to a multitude of problems - chafing, corns, bunions, etc. Our gel sole fits the foor perfectly and prevents irritation that causes these problems, leading to a more healthy, beautiful foot!

Our Sole Comfort - Shock
Our Sole Comfort - Shock

More shock absorption

Our outer sole is voluminous and not too soft and not too hard. Our super soft footbed cradles your feet. The distinct round shape of the sole relieves most of the shock in your feet and knees when landing. A comfortable spring readies you to walk or stand for prolonged periods of time without unwanted fatigue.

Our Sole Comfort - Fit
Our Sole Comfort - Fit Our Sole Comfort - Fit

Increased Stability

Modeled after and created for the Japanese foot, the ideally-shaped gel insole remarkably increases the ground to foot surface ratio when compared to your bare foot. As if the entire surface of the foot is connected to the ground, this arch support lessens fatigue and softens the burden on various areas of your feet.

Our Sole Comfort - Foot Bed
Our Sole Comfort - Foot Bed

Stimulating your foot arch

Our gel sole's unique shape fits the parts of your arch that seldom receives stimulation, distributing strength throughout your entire foot. This lessens the stress and symptoms of fatigue in your entire body by sending an even amount of pressure throughout the foot.

Our Sole Comfort - Blood Care
Our Sole Comfort - Blood Care

Temperature Control

The Regetta Canoe not only is a summertime shoe, you can wear it during the cold months with your favourite pair of socks!
It's unique gel sole's shape and incredible arch support helps you stay warm through your feet to your entire body, all year long.

Our Sole Comfort - Safety
Our Sole Comfort - Safety

Designed for Safety

The Regetta Canoe's individual outer sole design has a hidden safety feature. Still keeping the openness of a sandal's design yet changing a simple feature keeps you safe - lengthening the toe and heel guards at the front and back of the foot cradles and protects your feet.